Annual General Meeting of the companies are listed as per the Date of the meeting for easy convenience of the viewers and share holders. 

  Date Company Venue Type Time Proposal
  2075-03-15 National Hydropower Company GAA Hall , Thamel 21st 11am Regular
  2075-3-17 Sangrila Development Bank Amritbhog Catering, Kalikasthan, Kathmandu 13th 11am Regular
  2075-3-20 Manjushree Finance Thapa gaun Banquet, Naya baneshor 10th 10am Regular
  2075-3-23 Kabeli Bikash Bank Hotel Cip & Best, Dhankuta 10th 1pm Regular & Director Election
  2075-3-24 Radhi Jalbidyut Company Amritbhog Catering, Kalikasthan, Kathmandu   11.30 Regular
  2075-3-27 Deva Bikash Bank Nepal Banquets, Khusibu 11th 11am Regular
  2075-3-28 Bank of Kathmandu Kundalini Durbar Banquet, Chandol 23rd 10am Regular & Director Election
  2075-3-29 Sana Kisan Bikash Laghubitta Nepal Administrative Staff College, Patan Spc. 11am Director Election
  2075-3-29 Mega Bank Rastriya Sabha Griha, Kathmandu 7th 10am Regular
  2075-3-32 Kamana Sewa Bikash Bank Indreni Food Lands, Naya Baneswor 11th 9am Regular & Director Election
  2075-3-32 Surya Life Insurance Hotel Haison Palace, Biratnagar 10th 10am Regular & Rt. Share

Corporate News

Country’s forex reserves slump to 32-month low

Kathmandu, December 24- Nepal’s foreign exchange reserves have slumped to a 32-month low despite robust growth in remittance income and downward revision in foreign exchange facility for Nepalis visiting overseas, raising the spectre of the country facing a balance of payments crisis if the problem continues to grow.

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Doha Bank opens representative office in Nepal

Kathmandu, December 19 - Doha Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in Qatar, has opened its liaison office in Nepal as per the permission granted by the central bank about six months ago.

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Parliament body asks govt to solve problem of multiple taxation

KATHMANDU, Aug 15: Parliament’s Finance Committee on Tuesday issued directions to the government to take the lead in solving the chronic problem of multiple taxation by the three tiers of government, as well as the exorbitant hike in tax rates.

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Trade deficit surged five-fold in last decade

Kathmandu, August 5 - The country’s trade deficit jumped five folds in the last decade as imports have been skyrocketing and exports have slowed to a crawl in the review period.

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Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
CHLBS 9.9515 453.0 17,730.0
HDL 3.8314 1,355.0 26,860.0
SWBBL 3.6269 800.0 147,840.0
NABILP 3.1768 747.0 24,392,564.0
PICL 2.4242 676.0 724,970.0
Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
WMBF -9.0909 80.0 35,580.0
GHL -6.6667 280.0 16,950.0
NNLB -5.7143 462.0 361,156.0
NBBL -5.4348 609.0 772,848.0
KADBL -5.3333 142.0 997,594.0
Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
NABILP 3.1768 747.0 24,392,564.0
NABIL -2.9740 783.0 23,363,212.0
UPPER -2.2124 221.0 11,492,149.0
NMB -0.9709 306.0 10,563,087.0
PRVU -1.9048 206.0 8,938,365.0