Status of Initial Public Offering in the MARKET.

IPO in Line
Company Opening Date Early Close Late Close No. of Shares Issue Managers
Aankhukhola Hydroppwer Company       800,000 Civil Capital
Arun Valley Hydropower Dev. Co.       3157883  
Changdi Hydropower Dev. Co.       810000  
Synergy Power Development       700,000 Civil Capital
HImalayan Power Parts Limited       1065,417 Global IME Capital
National Microfinance Limited       300,000 NIBL Capital
Mahuli Samudayik Laghubitta       120000  
Samata Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha       94880  
Arun Kabeli Power Limited       1500,000 Siddhartha Capital
RMDC Laghubittiya Bittiya Sanstha       400,000 NIBL Capital
Suryodaya Laghubitta       1,20000 Global IME Capital
Radhi Bidut Company       1,025,000  Nabil Investment Banking
Clean Village Micro Finance       120,000 NMB Capital, Babar Mahal

Corporate News

Letter of Credit to be made mandatory for trade with India, China

KATHMANDU, April 18: Nepali traders will have to start using banking channel for making or receiving payments from traders in China and India very soon.

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Trade experts debate fourth industrial revolution

Kathmandu, April 3, As the world has been witnessing the fourth industrial revolution, which is largely related with artificial intelligence and the internet of things, this progress could bring transformative changes in the economic development of the least developed countries (LDCs) if they are able to access advanced technologies.

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Banks have three days to submit plan to reach all unbanked units

KATHMANDU, March 22: Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has told commercial banks to come up within three days commitment to open branch offices in 116 local units where they have become reluctant to expand their presence so far.

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Bank deposits growing at almost half the rate of loan expansion

Kathmandu, January 11 - Bankers seem to have largely ignored the credit crunch situation of the last fiscal, as credit expansion of banks is almost double than deposit collection in the first five months of the current fiscal.

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Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
SAEF 11.1111 10.0 39,544.0
PROFL 9.9338 166.0 355,870.0
KKHC 8.4615 141.0 140,908.0
JSLBB 8.2143 3,030.0 753,798.0
RBSPO 8.1523 12,245.0 29,216,261.0
Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
UMB -100.0000 0.0 6,800.0
SBBLJ -7.2072 206.0 895,272.0
MLBBL -5.7118 1,106.0 136,020.0
SLICL -5.2767 736.0 9,592,666.0
CFCL -4.6875 122.0 605,968.0
Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
CHCL 1.0514 865.0 42,303,702.0
NBL 3.4682 358.0 39,989,032.0
SHPC 6.9252 386.0 37,807,086.0
SANIMA 0.5420 371.0 31,457,127.0
KBL 0.7463 270.0 30,742,675.0