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Development Banks

Development banks are 'B' type Financial Institution. On the basis of geographical coverage and activity level, the development banks are three types and these are a) 1- 3 districts type b) 4- 10 districts type and c) national type .

As per th NRB rules the new paid up capital requirement for these development banks are respectively NRs.500 million, 1.2 billion and 2.5 billion  and it was previously NRs.100, 200 and 640 millions respectively.

As a result of changed requirement to increase paid up capital , many of then operating development banks have merged or restructured the organization to establish a stronger financial institution. In the process, some development banks acquirred finance companies and improved their positions and some merged with other stronger finance company or development bank or with the commercial bank.

At present there are 37 development banks. The development banks are presented here on alphabetical order stating their classification types. Navigation links are gradually being developed for all banks and it is not given for all the development banks.


SN  National Level 10 District Level 3 Districts Level 1 District Level
1 Deva Bikash Bank Shine Resunga Development Bank Bhargab Bikas Bank Hamro Bikash Bank
 2  Gandaki Development Bank Sewa Bikash Bank Corporate Development Bank Kabeli Bikas Bank
 3  Garima Bikas Bank   Excel Development bank Mount Makalu Development Bank
 4 Jyoti Bikash Bank   Green Development Bank Sahara Bikash Bank
 5  Kailash Bikas Bank    Kanchan Development Bank Salapa Bikash Bank
 6 Kamana Bikas Bank   Kankai Bikas Bank  
 7 Lumbini Bikash Bank   Karnali Bikash Bank  
 8 Mahalaxmi Bikash Bank   Mission Development Bank  
 9  Muktinath Bikash Bank    Meteri Development Bank  
 10  OM Development Bank   Nepal Community Development Bank  
 11 Shangrila Development Bank   Narayani Development Bank  
 12     Purnima Bikash Bank  
 14     Sahayogi Bikas Bank  
 15     Sajha Bikash Bank  
 16     Sindhu Bikash Bank  
 17     Tinau Bikas Bank  
 18   Sapta Koshi Development Bank  
 19     Western Development Bank  
  11 2 19 5


Corporate News

NRB seeks commitment from commercial banks for mergers and acquisitions

Kathmandu, June 27-Nepal Rastra Bank today summoned chairpersons and chief executive officers of all 28 commercial banks in operation to discuss possible mergers and acquisitions in the future.

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Remittance up by 20 %

KATHMANDU, June 19: Despite the declining number of people leaving for foreign jobs, the remittance into the country has increased by 20 percent, according to Nepal Rastra Bank report.

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Govt plans to raise CGT on share transactions from next fiscal year

Kathmandu, May 26- The government is planning to increase the capital gains tax (CGT) on share transactions from the next fiscal year citing the need to usher in stability in the share market.

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Civil Bank holds AGM

KATHMANDU, May 11: The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Civil Bank Ltd has approved 14.30 percent dividend – 10.25 percent stock and 4.05 percent cash – to its shareholders. The event was held at Amritbhog in Kathmandu.

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Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
NMBHF1 11.1111 10.0 781,968.0
CMF1 11.1111 10.0 62,820.0
CLBSL 8.8235 555.0 920,390.0
AKPL 6.2147 188.0 611,238.0
RBSPO 4.9911 8,877.0 88,770.0
Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
AKJCL -4.1667 69.0 24,660.0
RHPC -3.2258 90.0 6,773.0
SLBBL -2.8634 441.0 3,923,327.0
FMDBL -2.8497 375.0 8,263,115.0
SHPC -2.3904 245.0 241,660.0
Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
NBL -0.2967 336.0 57,872,577.0
NLICP 0.7605 530.0 34,450,000.0
NABIL 0.1252 800.0 20,690,486.0
SHIVM 0.1647 608.0 14,969,934.0
NLICL -0.8475 585.0 12,930,543.0