Sub Groups of the listed Company:

Finance Companies

There are National and  1-3 district type Finance companies. There has been change in capital base requirement for Finance company operating at National level  and regional level requirement like in other financial institutions. Initially the new paid up capital base of NRs. 200 millions and Rs. 100 million respectively .  Some Finance companies weree also operating with merchant banking function and these companies require Paid up Capital NRs. 300 millions. The new capital base requirement for finance companies operating at national level and small level are NRs800million and NRs. 400 million respectively.

With the increase in paid up capital requirement , a numbers of finance companies have either merged or got acquired by other like minded financial institutions.

The finance companies operating in the country and their present status and operational area are presented here in alphabetical order.

SN Name of Company Stock Symbol Operational Area Status
1 Best Finance BFC Regional  
2 Central  Finance  CFCL Regional  
3 City Express  CEFL Regional  
4 Goodwill GFCL National -
5 Guheshwori Finance
 GMFIL Regional -
6 Gurkhas Finance  GUFL  National -
7 Hathway HATH  Regional  
8 ICFC Finance ICFC  National -
9 Janaki Finance JFL  Regional -
10 Jebil's Finance  JEFL  National  
11 Lalitpur Finance LFC  Regional  
12 Manjushree Financial Institution MFIL National -
13 Multipurpose Finance MPFL  Regional -
14 Pokhara Finance PFL  Regional -
15 Progressive Finance PROFL  Regional  
16 Reliance Finance  RLFL Regional  
17 Shree Investment & Finance SIFC National  
18 Srijana Finance SFFIL  Regional  -
19 Synergy Finance SYFL National  
20 United Finance UFL  National -

Corporate News

India makes exemption for Nepal, allows some refined palmolein imports

February 12, 2020- India, which restricted imports of refined palm oil and palmolein in January, has exempted Nepal and has started issuing licences to import some refined palmolein from the Himalayan nation, two government officials told Reuters.

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HIDCL, Power China to build 762MW Tamor reservoir project

Kathmandu, September 16- The Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company Ltd (HIDCL) and state-owned Power China Corporation have jointly submitted a project development proposal at the Investment Board Nepal (IBN) to build the 762-megawatt Tamor reservoir project, which will cover Panchthar, Taplejung, Terhathum and Sankhuwasabha districts.

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Security audit of BFIs compulsory

Kathmandu, September 10- Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has made it mandatory for banks and financial institutions (BFIs) to conduct an audit of their information and technology (IT) system.

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Age limit set for CEOs, directors at BFIs

KATHMANDU: Nepal Rastra Bank has set an age bar for board of directors and chief executive officers of banks and financial institutions (BFIS).

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Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
SSHL 10.0000 132.0 101,525,130.0
NFS 9.6491 250.0 649,290.0
MLBBL 5.2349 784.0 1,858,665.0
DHPL 5.2174 121.0 4,839,422.0
HURJA 4.6512 180.0 2,473,784.0
Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
NMBHF1 -10.0000 9.0 83,514.0
NIBLPF -10.0000 9.0 639,840.0
SEF -10.0000 9.0 703,272.0
NIBPO -3.9702 387.0 10,926,202.0
SINDU -3.6145 160.0 5,314,354.0
Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
PCBL 0.3003 334.0 137,801,306.0
PRVU -1.1194 265.0 135,966,393.0
NMB 0.2315 433.0 123,675,339.0
GBIME -0.6645 299.0 120,910,938.0
NICA 0.4862 620.0 118,199,396.0