Economic prosperity and development main agendas now: Oli

KATHMANDU: Chairman of CPN-UML KP Sharma Oli has said on Sunday that economic prosperity and development are now the main agendas of the country.

During a meeting held with representatives and task committee of Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI) at Oli’s Balkot residence, he remarked that an investment friendly environment ensuring more employment opportunities for youths and prevention of brain drain was of utmost priority.

Moreover, Oli asserted that there is a need to create more employment opportunities and entrepreneurs in sectors such as Small and Cottage Industries, Agriculture and Tourism.

Hinting at the rising economic dependence, Oli stressed on the need to cut back exports remarking that Nepal has ample natural resources to achieve self-sufficiency for producing majority of commodities.

“Our economy once was entirely self-sufficient,” Oli said, “As of now, exports are increasing and we have become extremely dependent.”

According to Oli, it is possible to end economic dependence only through Small and Cottage Industries.
Likewise, Chairman of the FNCSI, Shyam Prasad Giri said that small and cottage industries which are the pillars of economic transformation and formation of an inclusive economy have not grown because of lack of clear policies.

Source: The Himalayan Times

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