Nepse down by 31.09 points

Kathmandu, April 28 - The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index decreased by 31.09 points or 2.24 per cent to 1,357.22 points during the trading week between April 22 and 26.

“Though the index declined what we have to keep in mind is that there were transactions worth over Rs one billion in two days of the week,” said Prakash Rajaure, a stock market analyst. “This is a sign of a bullish trend and though it may not happen right away, the stock market will go on a bull-run after four to five months.”

Nepse was mostly southbound in review week. The benchmark index had opened at 1,388.31 points on Sunday and surged by 50.18 points to close at 1,438.49 points by end of the day. However, it reversed course from Monday to Thursday. It fell by 27.64 points on Monday, by 15.99 points on Tuesday, 8.39 points on Wednesday and 29.25 points on Thursday to settle at 1,357.22 points for the week.

Similarly, sensitive index tumbled by 6.97 points or 2.37 per cent to 287.06 points and float index fell by 2.18 points or 2.17 per cent to rest at 98.07 points.

In the review week, all the 10 subgroups landed in red, with hotels subgroup tumbling by 101.26 points or 4.86 per cent to 1,978.28 points. Likewise, development banks subgroup fell by 49.07 points or 3.01 per cent to rest at 1,578.64 points. Others sub-index took a dive of 22.85 points or 2.93 per cent to land at 754.38 points.

Meanwhile, hydropower subgroup went down by 47.72 points or 2.79 per cent to end the week at 1,661.47 points. Likewise, banking sub-index also dropped by 29.02 points or 2.40 per cent to 1,176.65 points.

Similarly, manufacturing sub-index fell by 47.19 points or 1.99 per cent to 2,315.98 points and finance subgroup also went down by 13.03 points or 1.89 per cent to 673.48 points. The trading subgroup went down by 3.29 points or 1.89 per cent to 202.69 points and insurance sub-index saw a reduction of 99.84 points or 1.42 per cent to rest at 6,913.49 points. Microfinance slipped by 2.64 points or 0.15 per cent to end the week at 1,698.81 points.

Altogether, 10.01 million shares of 182 firms worth Rs 4.69 billion were traded through 47,071 transactions during the week. The traded amount was 14.86 per cent higher than the total weekly turnover of the previous week, which was recorded at Rs 4.8 billion. In the past week, 8.85 million shares of 181 companies had changed hands through 44,150 transactions.

In terms of weekly turnover, Nepal Bank Ltd was at the top with Rs 191.51 million. It was followed by Rastriya Beema Company (Promoter) with Rs 162.48 million, Rastriya Beema Company with Rs 133.24 million, Nepal Life Insurance Company with Rs 125.97 million and Sanima Mai Hydropower with Rs 121.89 million.

Source: The Himalayan Times

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Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
MMFDB 9.9682 2,769.0 2,128,159.0
JSLBB 6.9519 3,000.0 2,619,133.0
HDL 6.5071 1,424.0 1,539,790.0
WOMI 6.2250 1,860.0 15,646,153.0
NBBL 5.5074 2,433.0 1,412,436.0
Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
NIBPO -100.0000 0.0 1,120.0
WMBF -4.3103 111.0 171,350.0
MLBBL -3.9106 1,032.0 1,264,405.0
SIFC -3.8136 227.0 520,238.0
SFFIL -3.4247 282.0 21,053.0
Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
WOMI 6.2250 1,860.0 15,646,153.0
NTC 1.0499 770.0 8,293,095.0
GBIME -0.3195 312.0 7,832,051.0
NIB 0.6144 655.0 7,779,303.0
SCB -0.6083 817.0 7,498,280.0