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NEPSE Index ⚡ SuperChart
Market Gauge for NEPSE Index May 22, 2024
Strong Buy

After observing many indicator values such as moving averages, Relative Strength Index, MACD, Average Directional Index, etc. and combined it with our in-house AI model built with fundamental, technical and timeseries analysis market gauge suggests Strong Buy as possible action for NEPSE Index on May 22, 2024.

Disclaimer: This is our opinion and not an investment advice.
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Market Indices May 22, 2024
Index Value Change
NEPSE Index 2,131.49 15.50
Sensitive Index 382.67 5.00
Float Index 145.57 1.50
Sensitive Float Index 126.50 2.20
Market Sub-Indices May 22, 2024
Index Value Change
Commercial Banks 1,192.73 48.40
Hotels And Tourism 5,267.74 98.30
Hydro Power 2,510.65 -22.50
Tradings 2,767.53 -0.90
Microfinance 4,585.34 -51.00
Development Banks 4,164.00 13.70
Non Life Insurance 10,929.97 -66.60
Life Insurance 10,384.04 -61.70
Finance 2,159.85 -29.40
Manufacturing And Processing 6,498.00 -10.10
Investment 77.30 -0.10
Others 1,665.66 -10.30
Mutual Fund 18.76 0.00
Market Summary May 22, 2024